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Bilingual Young Leaders

What is Bilingual Young Leaders?

Bilingual Young Leaders is a youth committee founded by French for the Future. It gathers 7 young committed bilingual Canadians, who want to develop projects and help promote bilingualism.

For more information, visit the Bilingual Young Leader’s rules page.

As of September 21, you can submit your application to become a Bilingual Young Leader!

Submit your application!

Who are the Bilingual Young Leaders?

Alexia Forsythe

Alexia is a third-year university student at Université de Moncton, where she is studying Primary Education. Raised in the community of Riverview, New Brunswick, Alexia began studying French Immersion in the first grade. Alexia is passionate about bilingualism and the Early French Immersion program in her province and has volunteered with a number of organizations to bring awareness to their importance. Alexia is very excited to be a part of the Youth Bilingual Leaders Program this year and she cannot wait to begin working with French for the Future and the other members of the youth committee.

Alice Chen

Alice Chen is a Year 1 IB student at White Oaks Secondary School. She is a member of the Canadian National Debate Team, an activist working with Plan International, and she served on the Ministry’s Student Advisory Council. She is incredibly excited to represent French for the Future and to work alongside this fantastic group.

Danèle Déquier

Danèle comes from the small town of Ste-Anne in Manitoba, where she went to school from kindergarten to Grade 12. She is now continuing her studies at l’Université de Saint-Boniface in Winnipeg. She is very passionate about bilingualism and French, and she enjoys taking part in discussions about the issues related to these topics. She has always been involved in her local, provincial and national communities by doing volunteer work, joining committees and participating in conferences and forums. Theses experiences help her be an active member of the society as an responsible citizen.

Elizabeth Landry

Elizabeth is 17 years old and in Grade 12 at JMA Armstrong High School. She grew up in the small Salisbury, New Brunswick. She has always been involved in her school’s student council and has taken advantage of any leadership opportunities that have been thrown her way. For the past 5 years, Elizabeth has been involved in French public speaking competitions, where she has had the opportunity to stand up for many causes. Among being an advocate for bilingualism and promoting the use of French in her small town, Elizabeth has a great passion for science and plans to pursue her studies in the subject after high school at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Jinian Beharrell

Jinian is a French immersion student from Burnaby, British Columbia who is passionate about community leadership. She volunteers in her MP’s office, mentors for her debate team, and is a coordinator and the head of columns for her school newspaper. She’s a member of social justice clubs that benefit residents of her surrounding community and residents of developing countries. She has benefited from bilingual debate, french public speaking, and work exchange programs and wants others to know about the opportunities available to them. She also thinks that francophone organizations would benefit from working together on projects, and in creating a cohesive mission.

Rosalie Gendron

Rosalie is 16 years old, she lives in Lévis, Quebec, and French is her first language. She’s had a passion for bilingualism ever since she was very young! Fortunately, it is possible for anglophones and francophones to have better learning opportunities in both official languages. Her participation in the National Ambassador Youth Forum, this summer, changed her perception of French in our country. She has learned so much during her stay and she wishes she can share her experience and leadership. She is very proud to help promote bilingualism in Canada with the Bilingual Young Leaders!

Trystan Brodhagen

Trystan is a French-immersion Grade 12 student who comes from the small town of
North Bay in northern Ontario. He plans on studying French in Québec for university. He has a passion for the French language and would like to become a French teacher. Last summer, Trystan participated in a month-long immersion program in Rivière-du-Loup, Québec, where he fell in love with Québecois culture. He is eager to work on projects to promote bilingualism with the Bilingual Young Leaders!