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28/04/2017 – 08:00 AM to 3:15 PM


Simon Fraser University at  Burnaby

Vancouver Local Forum 2017

On Friday, April 28, 200 French-speaking youth from Great Vancouver came to Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Burnaby campus for a day of festivities centred on the pride of being Canadian and bilingual, a value being celebrated this year for the 150th anniversary of confederation.

Many activities and games were part of the program, in addition to workshops on 5 current challenges:

  • 1- Proud to celebrate cultural diversity
  • 2- Proud to be the leader of today
  • 3- Proud to work for people with reduced mobility
  • 4- Proud to act for the environment
  • 5- Proud of my freedom of expression


During these workshops, young people worked together to define how their bilingualism can be an asset when it comes to getting involved in these current issues. The francophone community gathered to inform the students of opportunities in French (volunteering, sports and cultural activities, scholarships, post secondary studies, etc.).

This year, the keynote speaker was Mathieu Gingras.

Mathieu Gingras is a Quebec native who earned from the University of Moncton a Bachelor of Arts in Education and History/Geography. Passionate about the wealth of cultures in Canada, he began a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the same university. Currently, Mathieu is the Director of student Recruitment  Development at the University of Moncton.

Defender of Canada’s cultural wealth, he passes on his passion to young francophones and francophiles from here and elsewhere in order to promote and keep alive the French cultural colors of the country. Mathieu Gingras knows how to reach people through his passionate speak, his dynamism and his contagious enthusiasm.

His conference got people to think about their personal and cultural identity and their inner passions. Among other things, it included: pride in having access to education promoting the French language, our cultural origins, bilingualism, official languages and much more!

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Local Forum Coordinator:

Elodie Vialatte