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NAYF ambassadors committed to organizing activities during the 2018-2019 academic year to promote the French language and bilingualism.





Here are some examples of what they decided to do:

  • Organize a Franconnexion Session in their school or in their community
  • Join the Organizing Committee of their Local Forum and prepare an activity for the event
  • Create a twinning program between anglophones and francophones schools
  • Create video clips to share some aspects of Francophonie in Canada
  • Plan a French culture festival with other ambassadors
  • Write and publish an article in a journal
  • Start a radio station in their school
  • Ensure that events in their school (e.g general meetings) are bilingual
  • Organize an event in French in their school or community
  • Organize a musical in French
  • Give a presentation to a French immersion class about the benefits of bilingualism and their experiences at the NAYF
  • Organize a provincial bilingual debating contest
  • Talk about the benefits of bilingualism to their peers, encouraging them to continue studying in French, and share resources to practice French with them
  • Be a student helper to French immersion students
  • Publish an article in a journal about their FNJA experience
  • Organize monthly meetings with students in francisation programs
  • Do interviews at their local radio
  • Promote French for the Future’s programs and activities on Social media

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