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SunMin Park





How old will you be as of August 21, 2017 ? 16 ans

City and province : Moncton, New Brunswick

First language : Korean

Your dream : I hope to one day be a doctor, and I also want to work in the fields of sports medicine and international sports diplomacy as well. I also want to travel around the world for a whole year after getting my undergrad degree.

Name a francophone event that you particularly liked and tell us why.  I really enjoy participating in Concours d’art oratoire hosted by Canadian Parents for French, which I have placed first the past 2 years and third this year. I believe this to be a great opportunity to not only practice public speaking, but also to use and practice my French skills outside the classroom. After winning the provincial title in the Post Intensive 9/10 category in grade 9, I was given the chance to transfer over to French Immersion, and I became the first person in New Brunswick by doing so as well.

In one sentence, tell us why you can’t wait to take part in the 2017 NAYF : I am very excited to participate in the 2017 NAYF, because not only do I get to immerse myself in a French environment for the whole week, but I also get to meet students, with the same passion towards bilingualism, from all over Canada!

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