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What are x-Forums?

x-Forums are local events that bring together students from Grade 7 to 12 enrolled in French as a second language, and French as a first language programs. Their main objective is the promotion of bilingualism and/or linguistic duality.

They are independently organized by volunteers, and come from local initiatives in the communities. The x-Forums are unique in their programs and formats, but share the following intentions:

  • Deliver an inspiring and motivational message about Canadian bilingualism
  • Give youth an opportunity to play an active role
  • Create a positive environment in which every student feels at ease speaking French

Who can organize an x-Forum?

Anyone who has obtained an x-Forum Permit (see below), and meets the following criteria:

  • Adheres to the French for the Future mission
  • Has bilingualism, French language, and francophone cultures at heart
  • Desires to share their passion with the youth of their city.

How do you organize an x-Forum?

To organize an x-Forum in your city, you must apply for an x-Forum Permit. A Permit is valid for an event only, in the city for which you have applied.

The application consists of a project submission form, a Rules and Regulations document to be signed, and an application for funding (optional). Applications must be submitted by completing the online form no later than 3 months before the scheduled date of your event.

Once you have been granted a permit, you are granted the title of x-Forum Authorized Organizer, and can begin or continue planning your x-Forum, while benefiting from our support.

What kind of support can I receive for my x-Forum?

You can include a funding application to your x-Forum Permit Application to obtain financial support from us.

In addition, as an x-Forum Authorized Organizer, you will have access to a toolkit to help you plan your event.

Finally, we are available by email or phone to answer your questions to ensure the success of your x-Forum!

For more information about this program, please contact Geneviève Gobeil, Program coordinator at coordonnatrice@french-future.org.