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Agam Arora

City: Calgary, AB
Age: 16 years old
Mothertongue: Punjabi and English

My dream

My dream is to, one day, give back to my community by opening my own charitable organization.

The francophone event I particularly liked

The Quebec Writer Carnival at my school exposed me to Canada’s unique French culture. Moreover, I was able to experience how French can be integrated into not only in the classroom, but we can immerse French into our lives as a way to open more doors.

Why I can’t wait to take part in the 2021 FNJA

FNJA will be a median for me to embark upon a week full of self-growth while also planning to creatively integrate French in the community around me!

Agam Arora in video

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Sponsors of the 2021 FNJA


     BMO Financial Group            

Province de l'Ontario

Université d'Ottawa