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November 3rd, 2022


Moncton University


The Moncton Forum is almost here!

Moncton’s fifteenth French for the Future local forum will take place on the Université de Moncton campus on Thursday, November 3, 2022.

French for the Future is an event full of activities, including an opening conference, ten workshops, and a closing show.

The guests: students from French immersion programs from grades 9 to 12 from eight English-language high schools in the Greater Moncton area. These students will meet people who have French at heart and who use it regularly in their professional and social lives.

The guest speakers are Mathieu Gingras from the Université de Moncton, French for the Future National Ambassador and Moriya Boyle, FNJA 2022 French Language Ambassador. 

A few of the themes covered are: health, sciences, video games, arts, studies in French, and so much more!

Hope to see you!


9:00AMStudents arrival
9:30AMOpening Ceremony
10:00AMMovement 1 (15 min)
10:15AM-11:00AMWorkshop 1
11:00AMMovement 2 (15 min)
11:15AM-12:00PMWorkshop 2
12:00PMMovement 3 (15 min)
12:15PM-1:00PMLunch (45 min)
1:00PM-1:45PMCultural Activity
1:45PM-2:00PMDay evaluations
2:00PMStudents leave

Moncton Local Forum Coordinator

For any questions about the Moncton Local Forum, please contact the coordinator here:

Amélie Montour, Moncton forum coordinator
Email: amelie.montour@umoncton.ca



Originally from Quebec, Mathieu Gingras obtained his undergraduate degree in history/geography from l’Université de Moncton. Passionate about the richness of cultures in Canada, he did his master’s degree in public administration at the same university and became its Director of Student Development and Recruitment.


Improvisation Nouveau-Brunswick is a non-profit organisation supporting the local improv community. Its mandate is to develop all kinds of improv initiatives in New-Brunswick for all age groups, as well as to promote events and improv in general.

Five players will be put to the test in this improv performance! They will be asked to meet challenges given them by the MC and the audience, all the while inventing stories and characters spontaneously.


Thank you to all of our sponsors: