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Bilingualism in the media

Here are the links to a few recent articles related to bilingualism.

Bilinguals May Have More Brain Power
20 July 2015
University Herald

Why Bilingual Kids Have an Edge Over the Rest of us
15 July 2015
National Journal

Benefits of Being Bilingual Include Brain Boosting Power
7 July 2015
The Huffington Post

Why It Makes More Sense Than You Know to Learn a Second Language
13 June 2013
The Huffington Post

French is a language of ambition, not decline
8 April 2013
The Globe and Mail

French immersion enrolment skyrockets as a new linguistic category emerges
28 January 2013
The Globe and Mail

Bilingualism helps ward off dementia, study shows
8 January 2013
The Globe and Mail

Le marché de l’emploi sourit aux francophones à l’extérieur du Québec
18 July 2012
Express d’Ottawa

Bilingual Benefits: Is It Worth The Trouble Of Learning French Anymore?
4 July 2012
Huffington Post Canada

Is Bilingualism Still Relevant in Canada?
22 June 2012
The Globe and Mail

Why Bilinguals are Smarter
17 March 2012
The New York Times

Canadian Bilingualism a Blessing not a Curse
22 January 2012
Globe and Mail

Investing in Bilingualism Makes for a Better Canada
18 January 2012
Vancouver Sun

Bilingualism in Fashion
21 November 2011
Canada’s Official Languages Newsletter

Bilingualism may buffer against Alzheimer’s
13 October 2011
CBC News

Hearing Bilingual: How Babies Sort Out Language
10 October 2011
New York Times