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“I did an online survey after the Session, and the students said that the activities made a difference… It is great to have all these choices.”
Educational adviser, St Paul Centre, Calgary, AB.

“The sessions were a big success”
Immersion Teacher at Brookswood Secondary School, Langley, BC.




“We loved our Franconnexion Session! In fact, we liked it so much that we would like our senior high school students to lead a Franconnexion Session with the elementary school here in Jasper.”
Immersion teacher at Jasper Junior/Senior High School, Jasper, AB

“We had a fantastic Franconnexion ! The boys had an excellent time and were talking about it for the rest of the day.”
Immersion teacher at Sacred Heart School of Halifax, Halifax, NS

IMG_1586“The Franconnexion Session is very effective to talk about the importance of being bilingual in Canada and the importance of speaking French fluently.”
Teacher organizing a Franconnexion Session in BC.

” I enjoyed learning about the advantages of knowing two languages and the way I can pursue French in the future.”
11th grade core French student, Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute, Toronto, ON.


“I think that this event was very useful and honestly inspired me to learn French and to continue to practice it. The video gave me the the extra push I need to reach my goal and made me realise to what extent speaking French will help me when I travel.”

8th grade core French student, Brookswood Secondary School, Langley, CB.



Questions about Franconnexion Sessions? Please contact us at programmes@www.french-future.org

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