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Prepare to make a “connexion”!

“Why do I have to learn French?” You’ve probably heard your students ask the question a hundred times.

What’s missing is a connection! The connection between what they learn in the classroom and the usefulness, the value, and the importance of speaking French outside of a classroom setting. That’s why French for the Future created the Franconnexion Sessions.

What exactly is a Franconnexion Session?

French for the Future provides a free toolkit of educational resources specifically designed to raise awareness about the advantages (and the fun!) of speaking French. You can use these resources to organize a Franconnexion Session in your classroom with your students in any grade from 7 to 12!

The result? Your students are more motivated and engaged in their learning process because they better understand the value of what you are teaching them.

What’s in the toolkit?

We offer you three options, choose the one that best suits the needs of you and your students.

Go Green: A digital toolkit exclusively

Go Fun: A digital toolkit + 4 educational posters

Go Big: A digital toolkit + 4 educational posters + small prizes for your students

The digital toolkit includes videos, trivia games, as well as other engaging and motivating activities for your students, all in French! A lesson plan is provided with each resource.

Click here to discover what’s inside!

How do I get my toolkit?

To receive your Franconnexion toolkit, subscribe during one of the two annual subscription periods in September and January, and fill out the online form. We will send you your resources at the end of the subscription period.

Warning! You may exceptionnally continue to request your toolkit outside the subscription period, but only the Go Green option is available (the Go Fun and Go Big options will be offered again during the next subscription period, in January 2020).

The Franconnexion Session toolkit is available for free anywhere in Canada. In return, we only ask you to answer a short survey after your event, in order for us to know what you thought of our program.

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