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Our Bilingual Young Leaders share podcasts to help you discover the Francophone communities of Canada. These podcasts are an excellent resource for young Francophones and Francophiles to explore French, the culture, and the issue of certain little-known corners of the Canadian Francophonie!

Listen to their podcast:

Podcast 2:

Guest: Professor Léo-James Lévesque from St. Thomas University in New Brunswick

Hosted by: Alisha Aslam and Andréane Gagnon

Léo-James Lévesque discusses the challenges young bilingual Canadians face and the opportunities offered by being bilingual in Canada and New Brunswick, where he teaches.


Podcast 1:

Guest: Emily O’Donnell

Hosted by: Seerat Waraich and Tony Wu

Emily O’Donnell discusses her post-secondary studies in French and the promotion of French in English language schools.