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Logo-rectangle-SF-EN Franconnexion Session is a program made to create a connection between what students learn in the classroom and the real-life benefits of speaking two languages. Learn more
Logo-rectangle-XF-FR-EN X-forums are created and organized by volunteers across the country. Their goal is to bring together students from grades 7 to 12 around activities in French. Learn more and organize your X-Forum
local-forums Local forums take place across the country in more than 15 different cities. They give students the opportunity to learn more about the cultural and professional value of continuing a bilingual education. Learn more
Logo-rectangle-FNJA-EN The National Ambassador Youth Forum brings together students for a week of training to become ambassadors of the French language for a year. Learn more
Logo-rectangle-CNR-EN The National Essay Contest is a writting contest in French for grades 10 to 12. Winners win a scholarship to pursue their postsecondary studies in a partner university, partially or fully in French. Learn more
Logo-rectangle-JLB-EN Bilingual Young Leaders is a youth committee. It gathers 7 young people passionate about French. Together, they develop a project and help promote bilingualism. Learn more
logo-united-bilingual-correspondents United Bilingual Correspondents is a correspondence program for youth in grades 7 to 12. Learn more