How old will you be as of August 21, 2017 ? 16 years old

City and province : Canmore, Alberta

First language : English

Your dream : My dream is to be happy with what I have. It is not too be rich and have a big house, it is rather to live a happy life with my family and friends. Also, I wish to pursue my post-secondary education in French, studying kinesiology at a francophone university.

Name a francophone event that you particularly liked and tell us why. This year, I participated in the  PJA. It was an amazing event because many youth, who all share a passion for la Francophonie were all reunited and I was able to meet and interact with them!

In one sentence, tell us why you can’t wait to take part in the 2017 NAYF : I can’t wait to participate in the NAYF because it will be an amazing opportunity to learn more about the French language and it’s culture around Canada. Also, it will be a great event to gain more ideas about how to spread my language around the community and my school. 

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