Danielle Arcand

An elementary teacher by profession (kindergarten, music specialist, and classroom teacher), Ms. Arcand has served as a Faculty Associate in the Faculty of Education at SFU in 2000-2001, teaching and supervising student teachers in the French module. She completed a Master’s degree (M.A. in Education, 2000) at SFU, studying the perceptions by different actors of the cultural aspects of curriculum in francophone schools in BC. She has been a school principal, responsible for three francophone schools in the Howe Sound area, l’école André-Piolat, l’école Les Aiglons and l’école La Passerelle (2001-2003). Following this, Ms. Arcand came back to SFU in the summer of 2003, as Faculty of Education coordinator for special projects, before her present functions. Today, Ms. Arcand is the primary consultant for a small translation and editing company in the education field, living on an island in the Salish sea in British Columbia.

Born and educated in Montreal (UQAM), Ms. Arcand is married and has three grown up children, all of whom value their French Canadian roots and identity. Since coming to Vancouver in 1984, Ms. Arcand has been involved in different functions within the francophone community, serving as Board member for the BC Conseil Culturel et Artistique and, since 1999, as President of Théâtre La Seizième, the only French professional theatre company in British Columbia. She is also the vice-president of the “Maison de la francophonie” in Vancouver.