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French for the Future promotes Canada’s official bilingualism and the immediate and lifelong benefits of learning and communicating in French to students from grades 7 to 12 across Canada.


French for the Future envisions a Canada in which all young people value our French heritage, appreciate francophone cultures and endeavour to excel in the French language.


French for the Future believes that:

  1. The development of strong French language proficiency will benefit youth in their personal lives and career paths.
  2. The creation of relevant linguistic and cultural links among young Canadians will foster an appreciation of diversity and motivate students to persevere with their French studies.
  3. Strong and personal connections will inspire students to nurture a lifelong relationship with the French language and francophone cultures.

Strategic approach

French for the Future offers youth aged 12 to 18 exceptional life experiences, and everyday pleasures in French.

To do this, French for the Future:

  1. Provides a sustained, significant, and authentic presence in French; a support to evolve with youth,
  2. Offers periodic WOW events that value French, nourish emotional experience, and energize youth,
  3. Encourages networking by, and for young Francophiles in their locality, region, and across Canada, based on their communities of personal interests.

By 2023, French for the Future will develop a system of direct support to youth, of which the implementation will maximize the scope of all investments in Canada’s linguistic duality. To achieve this goal, we rely on the creation of networks of autonomous interpersonal relationships in order to promote, at times of critical transition in school, the choice by youth to pursue studies of/in French. French for the Future is also working to consolidate the positive attributes of French in the daily lives of youth, and to promote to them a post-secondary project in French.