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Local Coordinator – British Columbia

Board Directors



French for the Future is a not-for-profit organization that supports and motivates high school students on their path towards bilingualism. French for the Future promotes Canada’s official bilingualism and the immediate and lifelong benefits of learning and communicating in French to students from grades 7 to 12 across Canada. French for the Future envisions a Canada in which all young people value our French heritage, appreciate francophone cultures and endeavor to excel in the French language.

French for the Future’s Local Forums are organized annually in fifteen (15) cities across Canada. These Forums are held entirely in French and consist of full-day interactive events that unite French as a First Language and French as Second Language high school students.

Students meet and participate in a variety of workshop and interactive activities, focused on the rewards of speaking French and becoming bilingual. This gives students the opportunity to discover and experience the cultural and professional value of continuing a bilingual education. It provides students with a positive French environment in which to practice their speaking skills. In addition, it also allows students to become aware of available options for pursuing post-secondary education in French.

Local Forum objectives

  • Promote official bilingualism among French as a First Language and French as a Second Language high school students and encourage students to remember that French can easily be part of their day-to-day lives
  • Motivate students to continue with their studies in French by realizing that the key to bilingualism lies with their own motivation, and taking advantage of opportunities to practice French

Through a highly interactive day spent entirely in French, the Local Forum will give students the opportunity to:

  • Meet other young leaders in their area
  • Network with bilingual professionals
  • Have access to interesting and qualified mentors
  • Attend interactive, creative and inspiring workshops
  • Participate in cultural activities and events
  • Share their thoughts and ideas
  • Become part of a dynamic community
  • Hear of opportunities to obtain bilingual summer employment or other work opportunities


The Vancouver and Victoria Local Forum are to be held on a school day, between April 1st and May 1st, 2020.

Scope of project

A Local Forum is a full-day event taking place during school hours, targeting a minimum of 200 participants to a maximum of 500 participants.

The Local Forum is organized for students of grades 7 and 8, or 9 to 12, and must include both French First Language and French Second Language students.

The Local Forum has the following structure:

  1. Welcoming Activity
  2. Opening Ceremony with an inspiring conference
  3. Workshops
  4. Cultural Activity
  5. Evaluation
  6. Closing Ceremony

The Local Forum Coordinator may also choose to invite post-secondary institutions, and organizations promoting programs of interest to students, to set up a display booth during the Local Forum.


  • Plan, organize and coordinate logistics for two (2) French for the Future Local Forums in British Columbia: one in Vancouver and one in Victoria;
  • Contact school boards, curriculum coordinators and teachers to promote the event in order to recruit 200 to 500 students to take part in each event
  • Work with French for the Future’s national office to support promotion, including creative collateral (i.e., logo use, event programs, etc.);
  • Work supportively with local youth, professionals and volunteers (e.g. alumni of French for the Future National Ambassador Youth Forums, Local Forum committees, teachers and school board representatives) to ensure the event is effectively coordinated;
  • Address all aspects of venue negotiations and relevant vendor transactions;
  • Develop and effectively manage an event budget for each Local Forum;
  • Research provincial and local funding programs for which the event may qualify and assist with the preparation of grant requests;
  • Assist in the development of sponsorship opportunities;
  • Prepare agendas, coordinate meetings and support applicable committees;
  • Prepare all correspondence and handle administrative matters regarding each event, ensuring accurate and detailed records are maintained.


  • Minimum of 2 years of relevant experience in event planning, coordination and execution;
  • Bilingualism (French/English) required: strong spoken and written skills in both languages;
  • Excellent project management and budgeting skills;
  • Experience with writing grant applications a definite asset;
  • Technological skills:
    • Google Suite (Gmail, GDrive, GDoc, GSheet, GSlides)
    • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) – Required;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Excellent organizational skills;
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and capacity to work within a team;
  • Evidence of motivation, with a track record of taking initiative;
  • Must have a clear ‘vulnerable sector’ police record check;

Terms of employment

  • Contract from August 15th 2019 to May 30th 2020
  • Imdependent Contractor
  • Work remotely from home with a flexible schedule, workload equivalent to 3-4 days per week
  • $12,000, plus possibility of bonuses and commission

How to apply

Applicants must send their CV and cover letter (both in French) before July 26, 2019 at 8:00 am Pacific Daylight Time. 

Please write “Coordonnateur/Coordonnatrice Colombie-Britannique” in the subject field.

Applicants must be able to work legally in Canada.

Please send your application to Gabrielle F. Fortin, Executive Director, French for the Future at employment@french-future.org     

We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

French for the Future is committed to employment equity and encourages applications from all qualified candidates.


French for the Future is looking for people who are interested in being Directors on our Board.   

French for the Future is a not-for-profit organization that supports and motivates high school students on their path towards bilingualism. French for the Future promotes Canada’s official bilingualism and the immediate and lifelong benefits of learning and communicating in French to students from grades 7 to 12 across Canada. French for the Future envisions a Canada in which all young people value our French heritage, appreciate francophone cultures and endeavour to excel in the French language.

Directors bring personal skills or knowledge in such areas as finance, law, fundraising, public relations, advocacy, banking, healthcare, or education to French for the Future.  The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and accountability of the organization. Among their responsibilities are to establish the vision, mission, strategic priorities and overall direction, and to monitor progress as well as compliance with relevant legislation.

Directors attend Board meetings, which are held approximately four to five times per year, and an Annual General Meeting in September. They also participate on one of the Standing Committees – Finance, Nominating, Strategic Plan Committee or Executive. These committees meet as required, usually one or two times per year.

To apply to join the French for the Future board, click here to fill out the application form.

Eligible applicants are required to offer their diverse talents and time to ensure the responsibilities of the board are fulfilled.  Responsibilities of Board members include the following, to:

  1. Attend regular Board meetings and participate in deliberations by asking questions, expressing views and suggestions, making or seconding motions and voting.
  2. Attend and participate in special Board meetings and membership meetings, including but not limited to, Annual General Meetings, strategic planning sessions and Board development events.
  3. Accept appointments to Board committees as members or chairs, attend committee meetings and assist in carrying out committee work. Chairs will prepare agendas, motions for Board consideration and annual reports if required.
  4. Accept or volunteer to perform other duties for the Board; for example, serve as an Officer, undertake a special project, represent the Board on a management committee or an external body, assist in fundraising.
  5. Prepare for meetings by reading and considering agenda documents in advance.
  6. Take responsibility for self-education by seeking information necessary to understand issues and to contribute meaningfully to discussions.
  7. Attend, when possible, social, public information/education, fundraising and other events sponsored by French for the Future.
  8. Identify people in the community who have the backgrounds and skills needed by the Board and give their names to the Nominating & Membership Committee for possible inclusion in the Potential Directors Bank.
  9. Be an ambassador for French for the Future in the community and an advocate for the people served.


There are many rewards by serving on the Board of Directors:

  1. Sharing with a team in the accomplishment of doing something important for linguistic duality in Canada;
  2. Using your skills in new ways, addressing very interesting issues;
  3. Meeting people who share your interests;
  4. Developing new skills;
  5. Developing your volunteer knowledge and skills – in the future, you may want to help other charities, too;
  6. Being associated with an organization that has been helping your community since 1997.

If you would like more information about what is entailed in being a member of the Board, please contact:

President of French for the Future
Michael Salvatori