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Patrick Lachance

Born and raised in Quebec City, Patrick is a marketing advisor at WestJet who works on the French Language Services team. Since starting at WestJet in 2008, he has held many different positions in which his French language skills and M.A. in Public Communications have served him greatly, including being stationed in Montego Bay, Jamaica as a bilingual Destination Experience Representative.

Patrick has volunteered many times across the country as one of WestJet’s French Language ambassadors at the numerous French language festivals sponsored by his company. He is passionate about using his heritage as a Franco-Canadian and intimate knowledge of the French-Canadian culture to connect with WestJet’s French speaking guests through translation, marketing, and branding. He is also a proud member of the social media team where he writes creative content and translates for Facebook and YouTube, effectively taking care of the face of French WestJet.

On a more personal note, Patrick firmly believes that having command of two or more languages opens doors for those who possess this skill. Patrick’s own bilingualism journey began in 2007 when he packed up his car without the promise of employment and moved to Alberta with the specific goal of learning English. Almost a decade later, he resides in Calgary with his wife, a bilingual linguist, who shares his values on the importance of bilingualism.