What are the Local Forums?

Local Forums are interactive conference events held over a whole day, providing students from Grade 9 to Grade 12 the opportunity to discover and learn the cultural and professional value of being bilingual. Local Forums focus on fostering a dialogue between French as a Second Language and French First Language students, while celebrating Francophone culture. 

Hosted in over 15 cities across Canada each year, Local Forums welcome thousands of students. 


Numbers for 2016-2017

Images from the 2017 Toronto Local Forum

Why should you participate ?

  • To facilitate dialogue between FSL and FFL students
  • To provide students with a positive environment in which to practise their French-speaking skills
  • To educate students on the career possibilities and potential that bilingualism brings
  • To encourage students to continue studying French
  • To celebrate the French language and francophone culture and show students the important role that French plays in Canada

By participating in a Local Forum, students have the chance to attend creative and informative workshops, engage in discussions, and take part in exciting cultural events and activities. They will also meet bilingual professionals and share ideas and perspectives on learning French, becoming part of the dynamic bilingual community in their region.


22% of students who did not intend to pursue their education in French changed their minds after taking part in a Local Forum.

68% of students leave Local Forums Feeling proud to speak French!

Who organizes them?

Local Forums are organized by a team of coordinators. You can find a list of Local Coordinators here.

How can I participate?

If there is a Local Forum is organized in your region, you can contact the coordinator in charge to find out how to participate with your students. 

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