Maria Ruiz

Maria Fernanda Ruiz

How old will you be as of August 22, 2016?
17 years old

City and province:
Calgary, Alberta

First language:

What action will you take to promote French in your school or community?
I would like to start a club at my school for all Francophone’s and Francophile’s, and show students that French is a language for anybody! I also try to participate in French events outside of school like the Cabane à sucre, where I was able to see French Canadian dancers who came from Edmonton. I believe it is important to promote French culture all over Canada and raise awareness for our rich Canadian heritage.

Your dream:
My whole life, I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to help people. Now I realize that my dream is to help the less fortunate and those who can not speak out and stand up for themselves. I would love to be someone that people can count on and look up to for help and guidance. I hope that French as my third language can open up multiple doors for my future as well as give me the ability to communicate with a wider range of people.

How do you practice French daily?
My very first class every day is in french, and I take advantage of this opportunity and try to speak as much french as I can, even to my close friends. I also have a twin sister and so at home we always speak french between each other. I also have a francophone friend who donated some french books so that I may get better.

In one sentence, tell us why you can’t wait to take part in the 2016 NAYF :
I would love to meet other people who are as passionate about the french language and culture as I am, and that are not scared to stand up for what they believe in.

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