Katelyn Mayo

Katelyn Mayo

How old will you be as of August 22, 2016?
17 years old

City and province:
St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

First language:

What action will you take to promote French in your school or community?
To promote French in my school and community I want to plan events that will make French more fun and accessible for everyone.

Your dream:
To attend McGill University and become a speech language pathologist.

How do you practice French daily?
I practice at school, and in helping others learn the French language.

In one sentence, tell us why you can’t wait to take part in the 2016 NAYF :
I can’t wait to attend the 2016 NAYF to meet new people who share my passion for the French language, and also to learn and develop so many great leadership skills.

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