Jessica Rohatynsky

How old will you be as of August 13, 2015?
City and province:
Yorkton, Saskatchewan
First language:
Tell us why bilingualism is important to you in one sentence:
Bilingualism is important to me, because it allows me to have so many incredible opportunities such as the NAYF.
Your dream:
My dream is to continue speaking French my whole life, and to travel to different places across the world to share my love for French Canadian culture.
How do you practice French daily:
I practice French throughout my everyday life during my French classes at school, and speaking French with my sister at home.
In one sentence, tell us why you can’t wait to take part in the 2015 NAYF :
I absolutely cannot wait to be part of the NAYF, because I will get to see a part of Canada I’ve never traveled to before, and I’ll have the chance to meet some other grade 11 students that have share the same passion for French as myself.



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